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Cross browser designs

It's important that your website is usable across all major media, whether it be popular browsers, mobile devices, or any other web browsing devices. Nowadays everyone's using a different browser. Between popular options like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer, which make up close to 98% of the internet market share of browsers, and the other little known browsers like Konqueror, there are a multitude of browsers being used to view your site.


The Internet is being regarded more and more as a globally accepted medium of exchange. Companies that once would have been constrained to operating locally can now expand to a global market at a much lower cost.

Since our establishment more than half a decade ago, our focus has been to create integrated solutions for your Web presence, working around a unified and balanced identity as the basis of your company's onsite representation.

Let WEBusiness show you what you can do to guarantee successful results.

Our way of Working

We value the content and study navigability. We begin with sketches on paper and then with clean structures before reaching the final design. We apply advanced programming techniques respecting aspects of functionality and accessibility, always thinking on your final project.